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Bill Schultheis Thumbnail

Bill Schultheis

Bill is full of good ideas.

After more than a decade at Smith Barney, convinced that the Wall Street way wasn’t the right way, Bill wrote The Coffeehouse Investor in order to share his ideas for a simpler, smarter investment philosophy. Today, that philosophy serves as Soundmark’s foundation.

He often thinks of the young couple he recently chatted with who were initially concerned about foreign markets; by the time they left the Soundmark office, they were focused instead on their own savings plan. It’s this common-sense approach that inspired Bill to start Soundmark: the idea that resolving the financial issues in our own lives leads to peace of mind and a secure future.

In his own future, Bill hopes to write more, golf more and cook more.

Bill Schultheis wrote The Coffeehouse Investor to help people build wealth, ignore Wall Street—and get on with their lives. For more information, check out The Coffeehouse Investor site or contact Soundmark Wealth Management.

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