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Ben Hicks

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Ben has always liked goals – setting goals, attaining goals; he keeps his eye on the finish line. From refurbishing his mid-century home to his successful career in banking, his ambition has always been a driving force.

He sees his experience building long-term relationships and his desire to help clients attain their goals as the perfect union.

Outside of work, Ben enjoys hiking in the Pacific Northwest mountains, spending time with his wife Amanda, and leading an organization he is passionate about, Cancer Lifeline, as Board President.

Why Finance? 

I fell into banking because of the flexibility it offered. I had the opportunity to see behind the scenes of a person’s life and learned to avoid feelings of envy for the guy driving the fancy car - he might be up to his eyeballs in debt! Getting behind the scenes was what ultimately led me to Soundmark. Helping people beyond savings and loans is the pinnacle of what I want to do in my career.     

Ideal weekend:

Finding a new spot without phone service.

Favorite movie: 

The Shawshank Redemption.

Most likely to spend a spare hour: 

Rewriting my to-do list.

What matters to me:

Enjoying life. We only have one shot at this thing; you better make the most of it. 


My wife Amanda and I visit a new national park every year for our wedding anniversary. Part of our annual tradition is to take a photo at the entrance sign commemorating the event.


Something good will come from every bad situation.

Inspired by:

Anyone that is trying to better oneself.  

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