Discovering You

Soundmark Wealth Management’s approach is based on the lost art of listening. Listening to better understand your hopes, dreams, and concerns.

Listening to what is important to you – and what isn’t. Listening to better understand your capacity for risk and what makes you feel most secure.

Recognizing our emotions are sometimes our worst enemies when it comes to investing, we work with clients to make intelligent decisions based on financial needs, not market movements.

Tell us your story. Your life awaits.

Let’s Be Blunt

In our opinion, trying to find the top-performing stocks or mutual funds and knowing when to buy and sell them is a losing strategy. It might work for a week, a month, or a year, but over a lifetime of investing we believe you are virtually doomed to underperform benchmark averages.

We don’t waste your money doing something that is counterproductive to building long-term wealth. That is why we embrace the simple, yet sophisticated, concept of investing in low-cost, tax-efficient index and asset class funds.

“Cross Section of Expected Returns, Fama, E.F., & French, K.R., Journal of Finance 47 (1992)”

But, we don’t stop there. Because risk and return are inherently related in capital markets around the world, we take this philosophy to a whole new level by introducing various risk factors of common stocks as shown in the Three Factor Model.