Magic Investing Tools

In Soundmark Principal Bill Schultheis’ latest column, he discusses the popularity of index funds and the advantages these funds can bring to a portfolio. He reminds investors that relying just on index funds does not lead to successful financial planning, “…index funds are not some magical investing tool that will make your life any easier in addressing the important components of your financial plan. Heck, I could invest in a low-cost, low-turnover, actively managed fund and basically expect the same results as an index fund over the next 20 years.

The elusive, magical investing tool can only be found in you, in your ability to sock away enough money to reach your retirement goal, in your ability to live within your means throughout retirement, and in your capacity to stay committed to your investments during the next bear market when financial pundits are predicting an end to the world.”

At Soundmark, we make it our business to create long-term financial plans that we implement and execute for our clients. Our process allows investors the freedom to focus on the things most important to them while leveraging their own magical investing tools.