Tax-Loss Harvesting

Key Takeaways At Soundmark, we have always stressed the importance of low-cost, tax-efficient investing. As many of you know, we accomplish this strategy by: Using low-cost index or passive asset class mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). These types of funds generally have less turnover (i.e. sales of stocks they own which create gains) than … Continued

Stay Home, Stay Healthy

Soundmark Wealth Management would like to share a brief update with you in response to Washington State Governor Jay Inslee’s temporary “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” order. While the Financial Services sector is exempt from this request, in the spirit of the provision and to protect our clients, ourselves and our community, we are requesting that … Continued

Questions to Ask When Evaluating Assisted Living Communities

A foreword on the Coronavirus and assisted living. As I am sure many of you are aware, the Life Care Center of Kirkland, in Kirkland, WA, has been at the center of the COVID19 outbreak in the USA. It was, unfortunately, the perfect storm. A new, relatively unknown virus, which seems to disproportionately affect the … Continued

A Focus on the Future

We would like to reach out and connect with you as the coronavirus outbreak continues to impact communities, companies, and countries around the world. You have placed enormous trust in Soundmark over the years to help guide you through all types of economic cycles, market gyrations and life events as you pursue personal and financial … Continued

Evaluating Assisted Living Options for Seniors

Key Takeaways Individuals over age 85 are among the fastest-growing segments of the U.S. population. Over 12 million Americans need long-term care today—a number likely to double by 2050. The prevalence of cognitive impairment among seniors has increased over the last decade. I include my firsthand experience to guide you through the process.   Thanks … Continued

Not All Business Buyers are Created Equal – Part Two

  In my last article, I covered the various types of business buyers and what financial buyers tend to look for in a business. In this article, I’ll cover what strategic buyers tend to want in a business. Strategic Buyers Strategic buyers are often a larger company in the same industry or vertical. They are … Continued

Long Term Care Considerations – Part 2

  How financially stable is your insurer? Do you understand the new rules specifically for Washington State residents? Key Takeaways Rating agencies have information on the financial stability of your long-term care (LTC) provider. Never settle for an insurer rated less than “A,” no matter how good the deal. Washington State recently passed a law … Continued

I Wonder How Much I Need to Sell My Business For?

As many business owners approach retirement, there is a common question that I come across; “I wonder how much I need to sell my business for to reach my retirement goals?”  The question is asked during our client planning meetings but also in casual conversations on the golf course or at dinner parties. I always … Continued

Amazon 401(k) Moving to Fidelity

Key Takeaways Forward-thinking employers like Amazon, Facebook, and Microsoft offer employees easy ways to save for retirement above and beyond the standard 401(k) contribution limits of $19,500 ($26,000 if over age 50). By using an after-tax 401(k) feature, Amazon employees can now save an additional 10% of salary in their retirement plan every year and … Continued