Crunching the Retirement Numbers

A recent study found that saving for retirement may not be as difficult as we thought.  Read more about debunking the 75-80% replacement rate.

In Search of a Strategy?

Finding a portfolio strategy that works for you and your financial plan can be challenging.  Eugene Fama of the Fama-French “Three Factor Model” discusses the challenges active managers and investors have trying to beat the market.

The Case for Index Funds

Soundmark Principle Bill Schultheis shares his thoughts on the advantages of index funds as a guest columnist for Forbes.

A Financial Advisor Can Help More Than You Think

A financial advisor is not only there to help you invest your money but also can help you with a long term financial plan, identifying risk issues overlooked, and be an objective sounding board when needed most. Learn why you may need to hire an advisor more than you realize.

Remembering There is no Such Thing as a Free Lunch

The Coffeehouse Investor principles are often learned the hard way.  Jim Parker of DFA tells of the lessons learned by many elderly Australians losing nest eggs investing in questionable financial schemes in his “Expensive Mistakes” article.