Four Simple Steps

The impact you make embracing a few financial changes can have benefits to last a lifetime. Soundmark Principal, Bill Schultheis suggests four simple steps to financial security to implement this year featured in this month’s 425 Business magazine.

Economic Crisis Headlines

The Economic Crisis Effect

Worried about your portfolio in relationship to the recent government shutdown? DFA Vice President, Jim Parker examines the crises of recent decades and the long term effect on portfolio performance. The outcome may surprise you.

Three Pioneers Change the Investment World

“Super-star stock-pickers exist. Maybe they’re lucky. Maybe they’re smart. Maybe they’re divine oracles. But Fama, Shiller, and Hansen’s research suggests it’s very hard to consistently beat the market, and if somebody tells you otherwise, you should be very skeptical.”  The Atlantic gives a greatpiece on the three recent Nobel Prize in Economic recipients and how … Continued

Economic Predictions in Nobel Peace Prize Fashion

Eugene Fama, Economist and founder of the Fama/French Model was recently awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in Economics.  He shares the honor with two other economists who have changed the way stock markets are perceived.  We wanted to share a great video from DFA on Mr. Fama discussing the economy and his road to understanding … Continued

The Active Management Game

A new research paper from Vanguard evaluates the performance of active managers and their often underwhelming outcomes.  “Authors find that not only are long-term outperformers rare, accounting for only 18% of those funds, but they also experienced numerous and often lengthy bouts of underperformance.”