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Find Meaning in Your Life Thumbnail

Find Meaning in Your Life

In Soundmark Principle Bill Schultheis’ latest interview with Motley Fool, he shares his reasons for starting The Coffeehouse Investor and the message he wants readers to take away from his second book.

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Employee Spotlight: John D'Amelio, CFP® Thumbnail

Employee Spotlight: John D'Amelio, CFP®

Easy-going, humble, animal lover, great conversationalist – there are many ways to describe Soundmark Advisor, John D’Amelio, CFP®. If you get the opportunity to work with John, you’ll know client service is one of his top priorities. He goes out of his way to be available and responsive to his clients.

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Goodbye, Old Friend Thumbnail

Goodbye, Old Friend

As I grow older, I learn more about the fragile state of life. With increasing frequency, I am receiving calls about good friends and loved ones passing. There are instances where some pass too soon and others die naturally as an endcap to life. We all experience episodes like this; there is no prescription to make them less painful.

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