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Our Top Blog Reads of 2020

Before we ring in the new year, check out our most popular blog articles of 2020. We look forward to sharing more financial planning wisdom with you in the year ahead.

  1. Amazon 401(k) Moving to Fidelity. Amazon recently moved its massive 401(k) plan over to Fidelity and is now offering its employees the same after-tax 401(k) feature that Microsoft and Facebook employees have enjoyed.
  1. Are You Taking Advantage of this Little-Known Microsoft Retirement Plan Benefit? Most employees at Microsoft know they should participate in their 401(k) program, but few take full advantage of all the generous retirement benefits Microsoft has to offer.
  1. Tax Savings You Should Make Before the End of the Year. Rates are very likely to change in 2021 and beyond. For high-income earners, those rates will likely be higher, not lower.
  1. Don’t Forget About Washington State’s Estate Tax. Although the federal estate tax exemption has increased dramatically, Washington state’s estate tax exclusion is significantly lower.
  1. Three Benefits Microsoft Employees Should Look for With Open Enrollment. Review the benefits Microsoft employees should review with open enrollment.
  1. Preparing Heirs for Their Inheritance. Inheriting wealth can create unique challenges and conflicts. A windfall can be the root of significant problems for your heirs—and therefore for you too.
  1. What to Do with Your Year-End Bonus. Whether your bonus is delivered on a consistent schedule or is a pleasant year-end surprise, review your goals carefully before deploying those funds.
  1. Five Reasons Why Women Make Great Investors. Recent data suggests that women exhibit certain traits that make them not only competent investors but excellent investors.
  1. Smart Tax Planning Strategies to Consider While You Have the Luxury of Time. Tax planning is always a moving target. Whenever we have a change in the White House or a new majority party in Congress, changes to tax laws (and rates) typically occur.
  1. 529 Plan Dilemmas in a COVID-19 World. As our education structure changed with the pandemic, 529 plans use also had to pivot in this ever-changing landscape.
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