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Meet the Team: Gayl Gelderman, Client Manager Thumbnail

Meet the Team: Gayl Gelderman, Client Manager

Gayl has been a staple at Soundmark since the beginning. Her attention to detail and organizational skills have been instrumental in her 20+ year career working with CPAs and in the financial industry. Surrounded by some of the smartest and most talented folks in town, Gayl is inspired to provide a superior service experience for our clients. We are lucky to have her on the team!

What do you love about your job?

The client relationships developed over the years.

What brings you energy?

I’m kind of a neat freak. My kids laugh and say I can’t sit for very long without finding something to do -- because there always is.

Greatest achievement? 

Besides becoming a mom and grandma, my greatest achievement was riding the Seattle to Portland (STP) 200-mile bike race – my 50th birthday goal. We rode 140 miles on day one and the remaining 60 miles on day two.

Friends describe me as:

Thoughtful, very loyal, reliable, trustworthy, sincere, competitive, adventurous, and always enjoys a good time! 

Early money management teachings: 

My parents taught me how to manage money wisely. They were young kids in the Depression-era and understand the value of money. 

How I stay busy:

I love to paddleboard in the sunshine and spend time with my grandson and family.

Favorite song:

“It is Well” by Bethel Music.

Approach to client services: 

Serve our clients in a language they understand as quickly and efficiently as possible.

My last meal would be:

Filet Mignon Steak Oscar, medium rare and a loaded baked potato, maybe a little salad or asparagus. Not too heavy on the veggies. 

Inspired by: 

Being surrounded by professionals smarter than myself i.e., CPAs, CFPs®, and financial advisors.

What matters to me: 

Faith and honesty.

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