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Employee Spotlight: John D'Amelio, CFP® Thumbnail

Employee Spotlight: John D'Amelio, CFP®

Easy-going, humble, animal lover, great conversationalist – there are many ways to describe Soundmark Advisor, John D’Amelio, CFP®. If you get the opportunity to work with John, you’ll know client service is one of his top priorities. He goes out of his way to be available and responsive to his clients. Outside of work, his golf game is good, like, really good, but he’ll never admit it nor share his achievements. His quiet confidence sets him apart and we’re very happy he’s part of our team. 

The best part about being a financial advisor?

The opportunity to work with great clients and co-workers. I love that we can give our clients confidence and clarity in the decisions they make to reach their goals. 

What brings you energy?

My family, animals, helping our clients, working on my golf game, and playing against competitors better than me. 

Greatest achievements?

Getting my Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) designation was a highlight in my professional career. Personally, buying a home in this expensive state is an achievement. But if I’m honest, marrying my wife, Charlotte, ranks at the top.

Friends would describe me as:

Very easy-going and easy to talk to. I keep the temperature of the room pretty light and inviting. 

Lessons in early money management:

I enjoyed playing poker and blackjack at casinos with my friends in my younger years, but then realized how foolish it was outside of rare occasions or trips. It’s a far better ROI to invest in index funds.

Ideal weekend:

Early morning golf and then home with my wife, Charlotte, and dogs for an afternoon adventure or a cooking project. Charlotte cooks and I make a great sous chef.  

Approach to client services: 

Be proactive and anticipate our clients’ needs whenever possible. 

My last meal would be:

Fajitas, for sure. 

Inspired by:

Bits and pieces from many of my family members. With a huge family, everyone has at least one thing I try to emulate.

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