To Move or Not to Move? Think Safety

Guest Writer: ALICE KALSO Silver Age Housing & Care Referrals     Moving from your home is hard at any age. Even harder as we grow older. Karin Miller, Geriatric Care Manager, suggests you look at the possibility of a move through the eyes of SAFETY. Consider: Safety in the house Is the house accessible? Stairs? Bathroom, laundry on the … Continued

2017 First Quarter Market Report

The market report for the first quarter of 2017 is posted for your review. The concluding article gives a great analogy between a concentrated and undiversified portfolio and driving a vehicle with a broken suspension. To mitigate the bumps in the market, sufficient diversification is your best key to success.

Investing Strategies

“The passive strategy continues to grow in popularity, not only because of its inherent low-cost advantage but because investors are educating themselves and beginning to embrace the essential components of building long-term wealth.” We strongly feel that a passive investment strategy coupled with our financial planning process, allows clients to take control of their financial … Continued

The End of the Bond Bull Market?

KEY TAKEAWAYS Rising interest rates cause bonds to lose value, but it’s no time to panic. Through proper structure and patience, your bond portfolio will experience better returns over the long-term then at the current interest rates. Bond portfolios stabilize your portfolio, especially during a down market, and provide a reliable stream of income during … Continued

The Market Is Overvalued and the Bond Bull Market Is About to End

  KEY TAKEAWAYS Record high market valuations and a historically long bull market don’t necessarily mean a correction is imminent. A typical bear market results in a 24 percent decline, but those “losses” only become realized if you sell out. Don’t let emotion and media hype cloud your thinking during declines. Stick to your plan … Continued

Hoop/Investment Dreams

As March Madness begins, we would like to revisit an article from Soundmark principal and sports enthusiast, John Buller. His comparison of the beloved NCAA basketball tournament and the investment world is uncanny and highlights three principles to remember when filling out tournament brackets and building portfolios: Past performance is not indicative of future returns. … Continued

Hedge Fund Reality Part 2

In our last blog, we discussed the performance of hedge funds. Jonathan Clements continues to support our overrated hedge fund claims in a recent post. Investments that seem complicated aren’t always high performers. Our firm has always believed that building diversified portfolios using low-cost, tax efficient asset class and index funds was the best model … Continued

Horse Race - Hedge funds

Hedge Fund Reality

For some reason, investors are drawn to complicated investing strategies, and over the past twenty years, Hedge funds have been at the top of the “complicated” list. Hedge funds have traditionally had an aura of “sophistication” about them. A perusal of the daily financial news will highlight comments by some prominent hedge fund manager. Nevertheless, … Continued